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Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Q. What does do?
A. is unique in Australia - ie., there's no other website like it (that we've found anyway!). We provide a facility for putting guitar buyers in touch with guitar sellers (and vice versa). However if you want to trade or swap or just plain show-off your guitars, you can do that too.

Q. Who can use
A. Anyone who has a guitar or wants a guitar can use

Q. How do I get started?
A. Step 1 is to register with us. Step 2 is to login, go to the User Admin section, and start adding guitars. Simple.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. On it only costs $4.90 per guitar submitted. We have deliberately placed a nominal cost on submission that can easily be absorbed in the cost of the guitar price. And your listing will be active for 3 months from date of posting, or until you remove the guitar from the site after selling.

Q. What is the payment process?
A. Once you have registered with and have start submitting guitar/s, you will arrive at a shopping cart page that lists the guitars for submission. You can list more than one at a time. You then click to submit and you're taken through a PayPal payment process. This way will never request or require any of your credit card details.

Q. Does gaurentee the sale of my guitar?
A. No. But we do gaurentee national exposure of your guitar on the web. Every guitar item has a counter and you can track how many times your submission has been viewed by potential buyers.

Q. What's the difference between and eBay?
A. In principle there's not a lot of difference, both can be used to sell products online. However there are differences.

It's easier to find the guitar/s you're looking for on since it is specifically built for this purpose. Also, because at this stage we only deal with guitars, if you run a list search for a Fender guitar, you'll find only Fender guitars listed, not every conceivable Fender product that you have to then search through. You can also run searches for specific models of guitars makes, within a certain price range and made in a certain year with our advanced search option.

Also, does not use a bidding system, it puts the buyer and seller in direct contact.

One of the main differences is that is cheaper. You can list your guitar for 3 months for $4.90.

Q. What do you do with my information?
A. For information on this see our Privacy Policy. Also, only the contact information you want to be shown publicly will be shown (ie, phone or mobile). Though your email address is required for registration it is not displayed anywhere on the site. A buyer wanting to contact a seller via email must do so via the online email form where the particular guitar item is displayed. There is no way for another person or a spam-bot crawler to find out your email address. If a buyer wants to give out their email to an enquirer after that it is their option.

Q. How do I buy or sell a guitar on
A. is only the "middle-man" in the location process. If you find a guitar you want to buy, contact the seller and arrange with them how the transaction will take place. does not operate an Escrow service, but recommends looking at Escrow Australia.

Q. Why use if I already have a website?
A. Good question. If you have a website that currently lists and sells guitars and has a high search rank with Google, then maybe is not for you. Well done. However, your website needs traffic, that's where can come in. As we said above, we get quite a lot of traffic through Google searches on general guitar queries. You can try Google for yourself on what you would expect people to be looking for.

If, however, you DON'T have a website, but you have guitars ... then might be just what you need.

Q. Does offer web design for sellers / dealers that don't have websites?
A. If you're interested in developing a site and would like to talk to us about it, feel free to contact us.

Q. Can I manage my own guitar sales?
A. Yes, once you've registered you can login any time from the homepage and add / edit / remove your guitar submissions. Each time you add or edit a guitar it comes to Administration for approval before being added to the site. Approval usually takes place within 24 hours.

Editing current submissions will not incure a cost, and you cannot edit a current submission and change it in such a way as to avoid payment for another submission. There are only certain details that can be edited.

Q. Can be used to buy / sell guitar related products?
A. Not yet, but we're working on it.

If you have any more questions / comments contact us and we'll be happy to answer them.

For more info see our Disclaimer.